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Las Vegas Shooting – Video – Jason Aldean Concert

Over 50 confirmed dead and over 500 injured.

The below video was posted to Facebook by a longtime family friend of mine who was at the Jason Aldean concert, in Las Vegas, at the time of the shooting. It’s horrifying.

“Lulu and I are just trying to process everything that happened last night. I have a horrifying video as we were trying to escape that we just watched. People all around us were shot, he was just spraying bullets EVERYWHERE. I wish I could find the two men who dragged me and carried me to safety. I had to leave my wheelchair and still cannot walk. These two selfless human beings each took one arm and put it over their shoulders and carried me over a mile and put me in a truck to get me out of there. One even gave me his shoes as I lost them when my sister dragged me off the wheelchair platform to duck for cover once we heard the gunshots. Once in the car my sister and I were able to help gunshot victims who the police were piling in the car bc there weren’t enough ambulances for everyone hit. We were covered in blood. The hospital was so short staffed and people were literally pouring in to the ER by the truck loads. My sister was such a rockstar and immediately put on gloves and started tending to people coming in who were wounded, applying tourniquets to those scattered around the hospital floor and getting their info while they were still able to speak. The entire emergency room was a triage, a horror scene. There were people just laying everywhere and blood everywhere. It’s absolutely unspeakable the scene we witnessed. God sent me three guardian angels last night. Without those two men and the truck driver, along with my sister, I honestly, truly do not know where we would be today. My heart goes out to all the families that weren’t able to receive a call that we were able to make.. #lasvegas #lasvegasshooting #route91harvest LVMPD #LVMPD #vegas #vegasshooting”

Las Vegas Shooting Video

So thankful Lulu and Lauren are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured, and with all of those that lost loved ones. My heart aches tonight. This shit is not ok!


Liberty German & Abigail Williams – Teens Found Murdered – Delphi, Indiana – Suspect Still At Large

Liberty German Abigail Williams Delphi Indiana wanted murder murder Libby German Abby Williams

I’ve been consumed by something that I just can’t shake…

I don’t know how many of you have heard, but three weeks ago, on February 13th, two teenagers went missing while hiking a local trail in Delphi, Indiana.

Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, were out of school that Monday, due to a built-in snow day. It is my understanding that Liberty’s older sister dropped the teens off at the monon high bridge trail at 1:00pm. At 2:07 PM Liberty posted a picture to Snapchat of Abby standing on the bridge, as well as a picture of just the bridge and scenery. The girls were not heard from or seen again after that photo was posted to Snapchat. When the girls didn’t show for their scheduled 3:30pm pick-up time, family members began looking for them.

At 5:30pm police were notified and a search for the two girls ensued. At midnight the search was called off due to the fact that no foul play was suspected (which blows my effing mind). The search resumed the next morning, which was Valentine’s Day. The two girls bodies were found by a search volunteer that morning. They were found on private property, along side Deer Creek, just 3/4 mile from the bridge where Libby’s last known photos were taken.

Not much has been given to the public, about what happened to the girls, how they were found, etc. Law enforcement did release, days after the girls’ bodies were found, a still shot of the suspect from a video that liberty took.  Liberty either got spooked and decided to start recording, or was already recording and just happened to catch this man on video without his knowledge. Not only did they release a grainy image of the suspect, they also were able to get, and share with the public, a small snippet of the suspect’s voice. The clip is only six seconds long and you can hear the suspect instructing the girls to go “down the hill”.

Now, from everything I’ve read, and from everyone that I have talked to that is familiar with this case, it seems as though somebody would need to be familiar with that area in order to pull something like this off. This is a trail, in a rural town in Indiana, that some people that have lived there for years never even knew existed. I say that to say, I think it is pretty obvious, at least to me, that the suspect is either local or was at some point in time a local. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

The Joe Kenda detective in me went straight to Facebook, the sex offender registry, Google earth, etc., and started digging for as much info as I could find about that area and the people that live there.

The most startling piece of information I found, while digging, is the fact that registered sex offenders can create Facebook accounts. Maybe I’m naïve, or maybe I just I’m an idiot and somehow missed this, but how can this happen? How can somebody who has been convicted of a sexual offense, violent or not, be granted the privilege of accessing Facebook, let alone create an account. Come to find out, Facebook can’t stop a sex offender from creating a page, it is up to the public, pretty much, to notify law-enforcement when a sex offender’s Facebook page is discovered. The police can take the page down, as these offenders are not allowed to have any sort of social media.

Please, if you EVER come across a profile that belongs to a sex offender (as most of the ones I came across didn’t even attempt to use an alias) report it IMMEDIATELY to your local law enforcement.

And, for all of you parents out there, watch your kids’ social media like a HAWK! So many of the systems that are in place to protect our children, as well as ourselves, are flawed. We can’t continue to be oblivious to this. It is our job, as parents, to realize this and do everything in our power to protect our children from the evil in this world.

Moving on…

…it’s been three weeks since these beautiful souls were found murdered. And, while we have a photo of the suspect, as well as a recording of his voice, no arrest has been made. I realize that I am not in law-enforcement, and know only a small fraction of the evidence in this case, but I am in disbelief that this murderer has not yet been caught!

Somebody knows this man. Somebody recognizes his voice. Somebody notices a change in their spouse, child, friend, parent, uncle, neighbor, etc. I am posting this today, not only to share with you what is on my heart and mind, but also in hopes that maybe someone that is not familiar with this case, will take interest and spread the word so we can catch this monster.

The thought of the fear that those two little girls must have felt that day, it’s almost too much to imagine.

We have to come together as a society, as a nation, and STOP these monsters that are hurting our babies! What a sad world we live in when our children can’t even play outside without the fear of them disappearing or being harmed.

If you are interested in reading more about this case, and what others are saying, I urge you to join the Facebook page Justice for Abigail Williams and Liberty German. If you don’t have time for that, please, at the very least, share this story.

Below is the info needed to submit a tip in this case…

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